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NeSSIE Closing Event: Presenting Results and Approach Developed over the Course of the Project

26 April 2019

April 26th, 2019 - The NESSIE project has organised the Conference “Developing Demonstration Projects: Corrosion Prevention for Offshore Renewables" in Brussels.

On 24th April the NeSSIE project organised a conference in Brussels to showcase the NeSSIE approach in defining and developing investable business cases for offshore, anti-corrosion demonstration projects. The NeSSIE project has been funded by the European Maritime Fisheries Fund (EMFF) and developed through cooperation between regions participating in the Advanced Manufacturing Pilot (ADMA) of the Vanguard Initiative.

This event provided a forum for participants to learn from the experience of the NeSSIE partners, and is an opportunity to learn how to develop future successful demonstration projects.

During the conference, the need and benefits of carrying out offshore demonstration projects was described by the speakers (NeSSIE partners, companies and researchers) and video clips, as well as the NeSSIE methodology to engage Project Developers in the project, as well as how the regional ACS (anti-corrosion solutions) value chain was identified and encouraged to take part in the project.

To find out more see the Press Release.