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North Sea Solutions for Innovation in Corrosion for Energy

What is NeSSIE?

NeSSIE project will tap into the existing knowledge of anti-corrosion technology / novel materials solutions in the maritime sector supply chain to develop demonstration projects for offshore renewables in the North Sea. The corrosion solutions, when developed and commercialised, will provide global growth and job creation opportunities in remote regions in the EU.

Aiming to:

  • Develop and scope 3 offshore renewables demonstration projects relating to corrosion issues by drawing on existing maritime supply chain expertise
  • Accelerate the deployment and cost reduction of wave, tidal and offshore wind devices
  • Support the demonstration project developed to access public and private investment
  • Impact the North Sea Basin economy significantly

8 Partners, 5 Countries

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3 Demonstration Projects

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Total budget

~ 860.000 €


24 Months (2017 - 2019)

Key activities

Assessment of innovative corrosion solutions in wave, tidal and offshore wind, through:

  • Technology roadmap and new materials
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Supporting consortia in scoping and developing demo, bankable projects

Extended impact

  • Greater collaboration within the value chain - developers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Market focused demonstration projects
  • New opportunities for SMEs to create jobs and grow in the Blue Economy

EU Added value

  • Building a new model applicable to other cluster partnerships
  • Fostering the transfer of technology solutions to new sectors
  • Strengthening regional cooperation through the Vanguard Initiative

All partners are members of the Vanguard Initiative and involved in the pilot “Advanced manufacturing for energy related applications in harsh environment”.